Friday, November 9, 2018

How to Protect Your Phone from Viruses (Apne Phone ko Virus se kaise bachayen)

How to Protect Your Phone from Viruses

The more smartphones give us the convenience, it also becomes a problem for us, but this happens when you share a lot, browse or file with your phone, then the phone becomes a victim of the virus without your knowledge. After restarting the Smartphone, go to Device Options.
How to Protect Your Phone from Viruses
How to Protect Your Phone from Viruses

You will see installed apps in your phone and also run viruses. If the virus appears, then uninstall it. Some viruses are such that there is no opiate objection.
Reboot your Smartphone in safe mode, doing so turns off the running third-party applications and viruses running in your phone. In some phones, this poison comes from holding the power button for a while.

After removing the unmanaged app from your phone, restart the phone once again on normal mode, if you do so, the phone will move faster and the virus will also run. Many phones have less RAM, so users can install antivirus on their smartphones and scan the virus and uninstall it.

In such cases, delete them by going to settings in Device Administrator. By visiting Device Administrator, you will see a full list of installed apps for your work. Uninstall those people who are not working.